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Originally Posted by Doady View Post
You guys are comparing the walkability of Mississauga, incorporated 1974, to Burnaby, incorporated 1892?

No, you're just comparing their city centres, one 20km from downtown Toronto, the other 10km from downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver city proper is much smaller. The inner city, the pre-war city, extends beyond the city itself into adjcent municipalities including Burnaby. Burnaby had population ~60k in 1951, compared to ~30k for Mississauga. Burnaby is older, more akin to North York and Etobicoke.

Mississauga is more comparable to Surrey. Mississauga is newer and on the fringe of the urban area.

But if you really must compare the walkability of a part of Burnaby to a part of Mississauga, maybe it would make more sense to compare Metrotown to Port Credit instead.
Port Credit is closer to Burnaby in scale and massing which is probably why it feels more enjoyable to walk than the city centre.!8i6656!8i6656
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