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IMHO, I feel the rail is relevant to the Seaholm area. It may be a major transport junction in the future. Analogous to Grand Central Station of New York, but of course, one or two centuries behind. I appreciate M1 and his consistent belief and expertise in the rail matters. He has educated all of us. Don't under estimate his knowledge, even though you may not like it or agree. Even though he can be abrasive, he is educational. I respect his opinion. I do wish he was a little more optimistic, but understand his stance in the matter. In any regard, that is why this board exists, to learn from one another. If we all conform, then we may as well be running the establishment. I will never give up as an optimist - that is my weakness. In my mind, this rail design is only a small step in the evolution of what will become a total mass transit plan for the Austin metro area. And am looking forward too it!
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