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^I'm listening to the public comments -- pretty much what you'd expect. However, according to Cory Weinberg at the SF Business Times this already has the votes on the Planning Commission. We'll see in a couple of hours what will happen today. But even if a continuance is granted, it will get approved by the Commission eventually.

Here are some of the benefits this project will bring (from the article linked above):
  • $73.5M in fee money (vs. $34M under current zoning)
  • nonprofit-run arts space
  • 50,000 square feet of public open space
  • 33 percent of the units will be affordable housing
  • preservation of the historic Dempster Printing and Camelline buildings, plus the Chronicle building (non-historic)
  • The city says it will make sure the first infusion of cash Hearst and Forest City will pay will help fund the Tenderloin affordable housing project at Eddy and Taylor streets.*

*This is the referenced project:

Source: David Baker Architects.
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