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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
^ Those holes were awful, I can't believe that was allowed for so long without any corrective measures.
I know, and they're in many places all along Main. These ones specifically were empty holes for nearly 3 years. It's bad enough when the city lets median planters remain empty and look awful, but these and many others are a serious public safety issue. It's an utter embarrassment.

What's even more dumb is that they have replanted numerous trees this year reusing these concrete hole-style planter, and the very old rust-colour (probably used to be black) metal grates with massive openings. Both these allow a TON of debris and garbage to get in, and make it VERY difficult for trees to survive, let alone thrive. The newer SHED-style bed covers are much better at keeping harmful debris out while allowing water and oxygen to get to the base.
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