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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
Russian olive! that's the one! ya both are tough. either way, they should be taken care of in this heat or not bother planting them until it cools down at least.
Originally Posted by buzzg View Post
I believe they've changed the tree planting plan for Main.

Two trees were cut down late 2015 in front of La Carnita, then Fox & Fiddle (Main @ McDermot). They've just had big holes to the wells since then, but La Carnita was (nicely) granted a much larger patio this year. Unfortunately it forced people to navigate directly around the holes since nothing was ever done about them, a nightmare for people with mobility issues.

Last week they finally filled in the hole right in front of the patio, and replanted the one closer to the bus stop.
Update – the new median trees do look like Russian olive – noticeably different from the rest.

Also, the city actually just filled the old tree holes on Main (that weren't replanted) with mulch. Insane. Someone is going to get seriously injured.
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