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Originally Posted by isaidso View Post
I think Go Transit and Metrolinx will finally be the shot in the arm that Hamilton needs. It's always been just that little bit too far for people who work in Toronto. With faster trains and better service, it's going to be a game changer. People can live in Hamilton and be in downtown Toronto in a jiffy, or vice versa. In the GTAH, Hamilton easily has the 2nd best downtown. I've considered moving there many times, but always changed my mind due to bad transit connections to Toronto.

Hamilton offers great value compared to Toronto and might start seeing huge bumps in population growth thanks to transit upgrades. I wouldn't be surprised to see Hamilton grow faster than any other CMA in Ontario over the next 30 years. It's a diamond in the rough.
It's just demotivating because people've been more or less saying that for like 10-15 years and nothing. I worry that if Hamilton doesn't pick up it's own game it could get gobbled up by Toronto.
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