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Winston-Salem has talked about light rail and the regional transit authority bought tracks to prevent IQ District developers from removing them. You can see a light rail station in the central district of the IQ in downtown Winston-Salem and also in Silas Pointe's site plan, which includes a light rail to bus transfer station. It's also worth noting the city is ready to start on Union Station, which is planned as Winston-Salem's hub for all rail transit (it's in both bond packages). However, Winston-Salem is more focused on the streetcar right now and completing it before the expressway is closed for two years. Winston-Salem's ballpark is also in need of the streetcar, since it doesn't have enough parking. They expected baseball fans to walk from neighboring residences or bike there, reducing the need for parking, and were surprised to find most of their fans are from outside Forsyth County. I'm guessing the first light rail line in Winston-Salem will be to the two medical centers? It's actually an interesting line, because they are a building bike and pedestrian lanes beside the rails right now for about a mile or two through downtown. Councilman Dan Besse is leading the rail efforts and he held a meeting around Ardmore to discuss light rail to the medical centers in Winston-Salem a few years ago.
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