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Originally Posted by Ric 0_0 View Post
As far as economic development, I would definitely say that the Texas metros (esp. Dallas) have definitely stolen some of the thunder from Atlanta/Miami and taken the lead.

However, on the debate of universities....I'll post the US news rankings for each city. Please tell me if I miss any as I'm not terribly familiar with these areas.

64. SMU
97. TCU
147. UT Dallas
281. Dallas Baptist

17. Rice
70. TX A&M (I'm giving Houston this one since its 1 1/2 away from city prop)
185. Univ. of Houston

57. Univ. of Miami
218. Florida International
248. Nova Southeastern
272.Keiser Univ.

21. Emory
29. Georgia Tech (The engineering program is top notch and in the same league as UC Berkley and CMU)
50. University of Gerogia
153. Mercer (I'm a little iffy on this one, but I know a lot of people who would consider this within the "grasp" of ATL).
211. Georgia State

Out of all of these, I would definitely say that Atlanta is by far the clear winner of the pack with three universities in the top 50.

Second could go to either Dallas our Houston depending on what you value. It depends if you want an elite school (Rice) and some good schools in Houston, or good schools across the board but no elite university in Dallas.

Miami is by far the last place finisher.
You left out several DFW area schools. Most of them are unexceptional, but two of them, UT Arlington and University of North Texas/Denton, are quite large with over 25,000 students each.

University of Texas/Arlington ranked #293
University of North Texas/Denton ranked #281
University of Dallas (Catholic) ranked #7 Regional University West and #15 for Best Undergraduate Teaching. It is a fine little school.

I don't think Houston can lay claim to Texas A&M. College Station is in no way part of the Houston metro. It is almost as close to Austin as it is to Houston. Still Houston probably is the academic winner in Texas outside of Austin. Rice is first rate. University of Houston has some strong liberal arts programs and good professional schools. The presence of three medical schools in Houston is also impressive.

SMU and TCU are wealthy and decent enough schools, but neither of them have a strong brand outside of the region. UT/Dallas is getting a reputation as a school making a real name for itself, especially in business, computer sciences, and engineering. It might be a comer, but it's not quite there yet.

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