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I'm a big fan of brightly lit crowns. Charlotte's Bank of America and New York's Bear Stearns are personal faves. San Francisco does lack an appropriate amount of skyscrapers with crowns. I agree, Transamerica's crown should be lit brighter. As for the St. Regis, at 484 ft, even if its lit crown looks as good as it does in the renderings, it wouldn't have much of an impact on the skyline because it's too short. It'd get loss in the mass. Hopefully, the Transbay Tower will have a brightly lit crown as well as the 550 ft residential tower on Rincon Hill.

If it makes you feel any better, TeknoTurd, if one of those proposed 550ft residential towers in the Transbay Terminal Redevelopment Area or on Rincon Hill, go 10 to 20 feet higher to 560-570ft, San Francisco could boast as to having not only the tallest residential building West of the Mississippi, but also having the tallest residential building in the US outside of New York and Chicago.

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