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I suppose to add on, Dayton has a CareSource Tower (which site preparation is u/c as we speak) and is well over 300 feet as well. No rendering but...

The building would rank as the fifth largest office tower in downtown Dayton, larger than Fifth Third Center, which has 295,000 square feet of leasable space. The Kettering Tower is the largest tower at 441,000 square feet. Construction on the proposed building is scheduled to begin in January 2007 and completed by October 2008.

FYI, the Fifth Third Tower is 328 feet, I believe, and the lot sized of the CareSource Tower is smaller, thus it'll be taller.

Columbus has a Hyatt Regency expansion (which is pushing 300 feet, if not over) on the drawing boards as well.

And of course, Covington has the Nike Swoosh...err...Ascent @ Roebling (which is well over 300 feet) and Newport has fourish 300+ footers proposed (Overture, SouthShore Condos, etc).

When I get exact heights, I'll tell ya.
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