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Originally Posted by JMedwick
As for the Bottle District, I think it is a contentious topic amoung St. Louis forumers. I fall on the side of those who think the project is dead in the water, at least in the forum proposed in the past year (condo towers). The ower of the site fired Ghazi and is now in talks with HRI and some other developers, as per a recent STL Biz Journal story. The site has been cleared, but there has been no other progress. There have been updates that the nessisary aldermatic legislation is being passed, but no other info. So no one know what is going on, only that the folks who produced the past renderings, including Ghazi and Forum Studios are out and some new folks are in, which means new renderings of what might happen are likely. I say it should be gone, but I am sure there are many others who would disagree.
that to me sounds like it's a no-go for now, at least in the previously envisioned plan, so i'm taking the bottle district towers off the list. if something else pops up there with skyscrapers, that would be great, and i'll add those towers if and when they become known.

thanks to everyone else for the images. keep 'em coming, i'd like to get an image for every single project on the list. cincy, indy, st. paul and omaha, i'm looking at you.
He has to go.

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