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Great pictures! I love Cabbagetown and have spent some time there. My mom actually lived on a place on Sumach st in the 70s and was somewhat of a pioneer gentrifier.

Originally Posted by kool maudit View Post
you can tell from these photos that toronto was smaller than montreal in, say, 1915. that said, now that it's larger, having such neighbourhoods in the centre of the city gives it a real laid-back sort of charm.
Toronto wasn't actually that much smaller at the time.

The big difference was the puritanical reformist attitude which prescribed single family homes instead of apartments, despite the fact that these were often split into 3 or more apartments. You have neighbourhoods of flat roofed row-to-row plexes while we have 2 and 3 story houses crammed together.

The result is that Montreal clearly has many more "big city" feeling neighbourhoods.
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