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Originally Posted by jeddy1989 View Post
WOW it just hit me how there has to be a labour shortage .. just look at the CURRENT projects happening DT, the parking garage.. and the two buildings, 351 water, TD reclad, Fortis place, star of the sea... then look at MUN and the residents buildings, the extension to the med school, the extra levels going on behind the engineering building, the other building next to the intersection being recladded... confederation building.. the hotel and many car dealerships on kenmount road.. the office buildings on kealsy along with the new banks and swiss chalet .. also the team gusue highway .. the hotel on stavanger along with the new stores as well as the area where empire theatres is going .. then the new condos going up like on topsail road and the others on the intersection of topsail and blackmarsh.. not to mention the high way in CBS as well as the countless housing projects EVERYWHERE ... and pleasantville and the new military complex and long term care facility ... holy crap .. start shipping in the workers .. because that is just whats currently on the go (and more i cant think of) then we have the other highrises downtown (and tiffany condos) as well as many of the other proposals not yet under construction and Glencrest/ southlands

Edit: I forgot to mention the condos under construction on portugal cover Rd. ... the office buildings off major's path .. as well as the Airport its self
... Boomin'
I keep thinking about the amount of development going on in St. John's even as early as 5-6 years ago and compare it to what's going on now and it blows my mind! The amount of capital works projects going on here is insane.... keep it coming!

With that being said, I'd still love to see this project kick it up a notch because I want to see to final product, it's going to look awesome!
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