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across the world to St. John's


I'm a master student who would like to complete a phD at memorial university, and I have many questions in my mind.

Money is a big concern for me, since I don't have much saving, and the whole phD thing will go away if I don't have enough money to keep me going.

1. I have asked the university about how much I should have in my bank account to show that I can support my education, I didn't get any answers yet, any ideas?

2. I was thinking about on-campus housing , burton's pond apartment which cost 1822 CAD per semester, that means 610 CAD per month(including electricity , internet access, and it is written in their website that it is minutes waking from the campus, so no transportation fees), that seems good, right?, though I don't like the idea of sharing the bathroom with 3 people , I'm just not used to it.

3.I think that Cooking my own food will cost less than the meal plan, which is ranging from 2140-2300 CAD, since there is a kitchen in burton's pond apartment, not that I am a great cook, I guess mac and cheese will do the job .

4. What should I expect for a monthly living expense? , the average please, keep in mind that I have a weak point for coffee shop, but I will cut them down if I have to.

5. The international student can get a job after 6 months of school, of course it should be part time wither in-campus or off- campus, so is it easy to get a job after 6 months? how much I'll get paid, approximately?

6. Can I pursue my pharmacy license with the student visa, is it legal?, I read that it takes 3 exams and approximately 2 years of training to get the license, so if it is ok to pursue my license while doing my phD, will I get paid through the 2 years of training? and how much would that be?, how is the pharmacy job market in St. John's ?, and , how much is the salary of a licensed pharmacist?

thanks in advance and excuse my poor english.
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