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Originally Posted by Horsell View Post
I could not agree more, this is perhaps one of the last remaining areas of our harbor front that has the potential to be developed into a landmark.

The proposal that Fortis put forward a few years ago, with the 15 story tower on top, actually didn’t look too bad (less the tower) for the lower floors that incorporated this area. It certainly was a decent start.

You can certainly hide a couple of levels of parking under an office, retail, restaurant/bar complex that adds some character to this block. Ya gotta incorporate “The Light” though, or something close.

This site is just crying out to be more than a surface parking lot, the only problem being the money and imagination required to make it right…especially the money.

Not to be forgotten is the streetscape on Water St that needs to be incorporated into anything that goes there eventually. If money were no object (ie the province wasn’t almost bankrupt) a performing arts centre could be quite spectacular there, with an elevated plaza / open space. We need a design competition to see what ideas people can come up with.
Well the City isn't hurting for money and as I understand, Fortis is putting their real estate up for sale. So it will just take the right buyer and the right plan to make something good happen there. Even something like a mini-mall with some restaurants/cafes on the Harbour Drive side would be nice. You could build over the parking lot and leave the parking spaces there. Good opportunity to create a lot more retail space downtown.

Also, I don't really care for "the light". I assume you are talking about the building with the lighthouse shaped corner. I don't think it fits in there any wouldn't be missed by anyone.

If you wanted to take it a bit further, you could incorporate the back portion of the Fortis building and any development that may happen over on the other side of Job's Cove. A pedway could easily be put there. There's been rumours of a hotel going there for maybe a decade now, if not longer. I really hope a hotel doesn't go there. I would like to see all that area developed as some sort of useable public space.
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