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Originally Posted by kcexpress69 View Post
It will be interesting to find out how the whole thing pans out if Obama or Hillary (or both, LOL) get elected.
Yes, but in reality this is opening a huge can of worms. Talk up here in Canada (straight from the Industry Minister and from the Prime Minister) is if the US does want to renegotiate NAFTA, Canada is fully on board and one thing is for certain, the US will no longer have preferential treatment to Canada's energy production. What this means as a net importer, is higher costs for Oil, Gas, electricity etc. Currently Canada cannot cut back on %age of production that goes to the US driving up the costs of O & G along with electricity here in Canada. If this goes away our production costs go down while they would increase in the US making us better able to compete with the developing world and the US less able to compete. Secondly a stable energy market like Canada helps keep Oil prices down for US consumers and if this production starts going to China for example which has expressed huge interests, then the US will be more reliant on Chavez and the boys in the mid-east.
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