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Originally Posted by ArtDecoRevival View Post
I also think the randome design is overrated. People make too big a deal out of it. There's been worse compromises on WTC complex design elements than the randome.
AS well they should. When you consider it's the spire that was the signature element of this design, and all of the symbolism it was supposed to represent, sorry, but the current bare design just doesn't cut it. And for good reason. The fact is, it was never designed to be visible as it is, so you get what you get. It's horrible looking because it wasn't meant to be seen. Further, the original spire design wasn't radome at all, so it's not as if there weren't options for the spire. They just cheaped out on it, and Durst will never be forgiven for this one.

But as they say, it is what it is. I guess you can say it's no uglier than the antenna that stoop on top of the original tower.

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