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Originally Posted by hexrae View Post
On a side note, the Edmonton-Detroit game was blacked out on Thursday.

Winnipeg getting an NHL team depends on a lot. It depends mostly on whether the NHL wants to pursue another team here. Never mind the economic climate (which is probably the best time to pursue a team).

The NHL still has its sights set on the expansion towards a big US TV contract and Winnipeg will never be apart of that. With Vegas, Seattle and Kansas City still in the mix, and with the current NHL desires, Winnipeg won't get a team.

At this point, if Winnipeg were to get a team it's only because there's a buyer, and all the US cities have been exhausted.

OT: 1ajs, it's fairly easy to write and have your post spell-checked, how do you still manage to spell like a 2nd grader? I'd don't mean to call you out, since I know people who have the same difficulties.
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