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Originally Posted by North_Regina_Boy View Post
That would be great! Grey Cup then Heritage Classic. I think that the HC would be Jets - Edmonton? Whilst it would be cool to see Bombers play in a home GC (and win) As much as I love to see the Riders win (my team) I love to see others win also. Would like to see Ottawa win a cup next year. Unlikely? Maybe. But would be sweet to see!

Sounds like a pretty good deal for the city in 2015-2016, if the CFL can confirm the game, HC sounds like a done deal.Riders next year get reallllllly close to thier 2nd cup next year but fail to punch thier ticket for the big game..Bombers take it.... but loose in the final to Ottawa.

The year after the Bomber Dynasty begins and we role over the oposition to take the Cup.. and go on to play the Leafs in the HC and take that game too..

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