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Originally Posted by Gadzookz View Post
Not that what you said was a big deal or particularly offensive, but was that really necessary Simplicity? Why even make the comment about what race the person doing renderings may be. It serves no purpose and makes absolutely no difference what nationality they are. Totally irrelevant.
I said it because it's a fact within the industry. For instance, Ray Wan isn't just sourcing renderings from China, he's sourcing architectural drawings. It's also part of the credibility gap that exists when talking about developers like Fortress - they're sourcing renderings from China and passing them off like they're highly developed concepts. If you're offended by the notion of cheap work emanating from China, then you don't know enough about what goes on in China. That doesn't make it racist.

Just like if I said that if you call the TD Bank helpline you're going to get somebody sitting in a cubicle in Chennai and being paid in rupees. That's a fact.

Everybody needs to chill out.
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