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Originally Posted by Dengler Avenue View Post
Has there been, or is anyone going to start, a petition to get these highway programs going (Morris Bypass, St Nobert Bypass, Headingley Bypass, removal of traffic lights on TCH)? If it’s got enough momentum, it sure will become an election issue in 2021. I hope that whichever party gets elected will keep the promise and perform these upgrades then.
Not a bad idea, although a concerted effort for specific improvements might be challenging. We even see it on this forum where everyone has an opinion on what should be done next, rather than go off traffic counts and collisions. Sure, our arguments are likely more informed than a regular Joe, but support for a given improvement is typically on what would best benefit an individual.

People in portage would be more likely to support an interchange at 1 and 16 than a Morris Bypass, and vice versa. St norbert residents more supportive of a bypass from Kenaston to 75 than an interchange at pipeline and perimeter etc...

Given that Manitoba Infrastructure and the current government has put forward the functional design study for south perimeter, that could be a start for a targeted petition. In the documents for that study, MI requested shovel ready designs for Mcgillivray and St Mary's rd interchanges with perimeter.

Even with the government tightening budgets, they might feel compelled to start these 2 projects to appeal to Winnipeg area voters where they tend to be more flip/flopping between NDP and PC, rather than the PCs strong rural support
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