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Originally Posted by Guiltyspark View Post
Yep. That fits my definition. People throwing out areas like Pittsburgh, Texas and Utah is just crazy. Those are not midwest at all.
My definition, too! To me, Midwest is a mix of Rust Belt/Great Lakes big cities (Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Indianapolis, St. Louis, etc), Plains (KC, Omaha, Fargo, Minneapolis-St Paul), and smaller, urban, industrialized cities (ie. Dayton, Madison, Peoria, Cedar Rapids). Tulsa, SLC, and Denver are NOT Midwest!

Some background on me...originally from California, I have also lived in Milwaukee, Menomonie (Western WI), and the Twin Cities (where I currently live). I have also lived in Springfield, MO and Colorado Springs and I have spent considerable time in the Midwest, Pacific West, and Intermountain West region.
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