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Originally Posted by headhorse View Post
since 2012, the Richardson family has made over $3.5 billion. if they would have instead used $3 billion of that $3.5 billion to hire/pay employees, they could have paid 10 000 employees a salary of $60,000 a yr for the years 2012-2017. $30 million isn't very much to them..

i mean, would you rather have the benefits of the Richardson's being $3.5 billion richer and all the "benefits" that brings to portage and main, or 10 000 workers contributing to the local economy with a $60,000 yr income?

Since when do we get to tell other people what to do with their property? It's one thing to critique design of buildings but the Richardsons' assets do not belong to us.

But in case you aren't convinced, let me just say it would do a lot for downtown if your paycheque were redirected to defraying the overhead costs of businesses operating in Portage Place. Can you PM me to pass along your banking details so I can get started on the arrangements?
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