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Every time I fly out or back to Hong Kong, I'm always scrambling at my seat hoping for good weather. I have been lucky these past few years with some decent aerials flying over the city.

Quarry Bay is being progressively developed as an alternative to the expensive rents in Central district. A new skyscraper has appeared lately with good harbour views. The waterfront area has also been improved but the hot summer weather is a major deterrent for visitors.

Meanwhile, parts of these waterfront lands remain wasted. This is possibly because there is a highway right behind it, so if they build more residentials, the noise problem could get very annoying. <p>

There is another reason for visitors to come here. A retired fireboat is on display along the waterfront park. The Alexander Grantham went into service in 1953 and retired in 2002.

Across the harbour, the less aesthetic Kowloon Bay / Kwun Tong alternative CBD is taking shape. Its more industrial history makes that part of town far harder to beautify.

Hong Kong Island still has a lot of old residential blocks that are quite imposing and offer interesting photography opportunities.

Heading back to Central, you don't have to be a millionnaire client or a rich tourist to enjoy skyline views. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has an exhibition area on the 55th floor of Two IFC where you can head to the windows and glare at the density.

Then head to the nearby City Gallery to see a scale model of what this old CBD will look like after reclamation and construction works finish.

The Museum of Coastal Defence occupies an old fort that had a strategic position at the eastern entrance to the harbour. While there are lots of military equipment on display, it is also a wonderful place to enjoy the views.

During colonial times, British soldiers were quite unaccustomed to the hot and humid climate here. They were also bored as the French and Russian military threats never materialized.

The torpedo was never fired out of here in anger either.

Hong Kong's fishing heritage is still alive and well in these typhoon shelters.

With these boats come the temples that protect the fishermen at sea.

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