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Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
The team names are proper nouns and therefore don't get translated from French (Alouettes) or English (Roughriders, Stampeders, Blue Bombers, etc). The Redblacks/Rouge et Noir have decided to use both languages and thus will have 2 official names that can be used, one for each language, like La Coupe Grey/Grey Cup and the CFL/LCF.

It would be similar to company names, which don't change either, unless decided by the company.
Yeah, I was being tongue in cheek. "Proper Nouns" are just improper nouns that we appropriate into a name, making them "Proper". There's literally no difference between "Blue Bomber" and "Redblack" beyond the decade they were coined in.

The analogy to company names is apt. But companies don't often travel like a team does. Do they plan on calling them one name when playing at home, and the other name when playing in Montreal? Or do they call them both names at home, one name in Vancouver, and another in Montreal? And what happens if New Brunswick ever gets a CFL franchise?

The whole thing just seems awkward and I can't think of a similar precedent. Unless people still misspell "Canadiens" a lot. We certainly did as kids.

For the record, I've never in my life heard a single person use "Larks" as a nickname for the Als. I was being a little more than tongue in cheek with that one.

Actually, I never thought to pay close attention to this when visiting - is it PFK on one side of the river, KFC on the other? A strict divide in Ottawa-Gatineau?

Oh and lastly, I prefer the French name. "Red and Black" I could have gone with. "Redblack" just sounds stupid.
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