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Mumbai -- Project News and Developments

I'll parallel SSC's Mumbai developments page here. I won't post previous months news (check there for news going back 2 years), but I will start off say... mid feb?

First lets start off with some Mumbai-mood setting background music. Play this in the backround while you read the thread
Video Link

Video Link

And a video of Mumbai's rising skyline.
Video Link

Also, check out the following thread for a Rundown of Mumbai's booming development, including a total of 65 skyscraper projects over 40 stories and above:
The Bombay *BOOM* -- A Rendering Rundown of u/c Mumbai skyscrapers

Most of them concentrated in the area seen in the 2nd youtube video above. (And most of them aren't even tall enough to be seen!) Mumbai's Dharavi and Mill land CBD development will literally quadruple the current building boom by 2009, and double the current allowable FSI will make for both commerical and residential supertalls.


Some recent skyline views...

Back Bay view of skyline:

Supersized Version of this Photo

Powai skyline

Supersized Version of this Photo

And now, on to the news...


Jai's HONOLULU, Hawai'i photothread: ...showing off the Jewel of the Pacific!

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