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"Palais Royale" potential Tallest Tower?


Mumbai's skyscrapers add to civic woes
Anjali Doshi
Wednesday, February 7, 2007 (Mumbai):

Promoted by Vikas Kasliwal of Shree Ram Mills, Palais Royale is all set to be one of Mumbai's tallest and most luxurious skyscrapers.

The 700-feet high building, to be ready in 2009, boasts of indoor heated swimming pools, ample parking space and world-class fire safety norms.
Here is the link to the video report of this story. It has a quick peek at both the construction site (construction seems to be underway) as well as a quck pan on the elevation.

It took some time to splice the screencaps together. I think it is in correct proportion.

Vikas Kasliwal of Shree Ram Mills also said this in the video report:
"It doesn't have too many stories, but since each storey has a very good height we've gone to very good heights. It will probably end up being a fairly tall building. We're not aiming to be the tallest building, but I think we may just end up being one of the tallest."
The newsreader also said:
But the title city's tallest is hotly contested. In the next two years three projects will vie for that honor.

However, they forgot to mention Oberoi Skyz in the contest, which isn't surprising, seeing as Oberoi Construction seems to be trying to draw as little attention to it as possible.

I can't find the builder, architect or promoter's website. Seeing as this is going to be an 'invitation only' project, just like also u/c Oberoi Skyz, and Reliance Tower, we're probably not going to see any good quality renderings outside brief newsclips until its nearly finished.

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