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Originally Posted by Ktulured55

How do you know? I know you have some 'in' with the city but what is it? and also I noticed... (tell me if I"m wrong), from reading earlier on in the forum.. this used to be a $300 million investment .... and that's with the proposed 717ft. 59 story.... . now that it is a $400 million investment, does that mean they are making it taller? or does it mean something else? (the design on the arc wheeler site is still the same ) what is up with the extra $100 million, to what use could it be for if not making the building bigger and/or taller ?
Steven contacted Arc Wheeler a little while ago, and they assurred us that 10 Inner will be built. Also they said that they are still in planning and in fact making the building taller with a nice crown on top. So my guess is that this tower could break the 800 ft mark at least. Just my guess.
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