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Nice pics Husky!!!

It looks like Vue Harbor East is 15 stories? going on 16th.... that's about halfway up or so... although it will stand a good height, this building could have definately been a few stories taller or even MANY stories taller as it's right on the water and as our city continues to prosper and grow, locations like that one will be so hard to come by and get.... frankly this building could be double the height and should have no problems filling it at all. But oh well....

and Steven... if it's 717 for 10 Inner Harbor.. with all the extra money in it, I hope it is some taller 60+ stories and at least 750 ft, or 800, 900.... hehe

yeah.. I went to the sight itself and could not open the pdf file, there is an error when I try to do it on this comp
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