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Site "O" did come up several times last evening at the big Vista Tower community meeting. Unfortunately nothing really new or revealing.

I was correct in thinking that somehow "O" was part of the changes related to Vista and overall LSE PD that will go to Plan Commission/City Council starting next month......apparently a little height allowance is being shaved off "O" to allow for a little extra at Vista. I think 680' or so was allowed at "O".......hopefully they are only going to go down to 640' or so here, and bare minimum I'd say 600'.....anything below that would just seem silly to me at this particular location........also mentioned was that there will be a public vertical connection added in the form of an elevator from Upper Columbus level down to LSE park level at parcel "O"

Still, frustrating and disappointing that Magellan seems to be - for no good reason, at least from a market standpoint - spinning its wheels a bit with this significant and important development.........who knows - perhaps after LSE PD changes go through the entitlement process, this one might also see movement by spring '16??

One other thing I want to stress: Magellan continues to claim that they are not going back for more overall square footage at LSE. They continue to assert that they are going to keep it to an additional 2.7 mil. sq ft. (after Vista's 1.6 mil. sq ft). My guess is that "O" would be 700-800k sq ft total.....and that would leave 1.9-2 mil sq ft for the remaining residential towers at the E end/NE corner of LSE...............I'm not convinced they want some sort of trophy tower at the NE corner - I could be wrong of course - but if they do, I do not see any other scenario other then Magellan needing to go back for a PD amendment and get more sq ft at that time - and thus going directly back on their repeated word this year.............if this is really their plan, then why would they be so adamant right now that they are not going to be asking for an increase? It's not as if the public has been pressuring them on that issue (at least as far as what has been visible to me).............that's why I maintaining I think it's at least 50% as far as probability there is not going to be some sort of trophy/supertall/focal point at the NE................on the other hand, there's also, I suppose a chance they could design some sort of very slender, very tall building for that corner............
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