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Originally Posted by ChargerCarl View Post
Not surprised about Los Angeles.

High cost of living and a lousy job market, the worst of both worlds.
Well, high cost of living will always apply. LA, in spite of all its livability issues, still remains a highly desirable city. The housing supply will never catch up with the demand.

Originally Posted by JDRCRASH View Post
It's funny because sometimes it feels like it's not the NUMBER of jobs that sucks but the pay and field of the jobs (service sector) that sucks.
Correct. As of March 2017, LA's unemployment rate was at 4.6% -- its lowest level in at least 30 years. That was lower than the state average of 4.9% and slightly above the national average of 4.5%.

Our local economy is in a relatively healthy state, but it's not quite booming with enough professional jobs to mitigate the high housing costs.
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