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Originally Posted by Vicelord John View Post
Am I the only one who thinks building a city with ploppables and landmarks (espicially ones with populations) is completely and undeniably lame?
short answere, yes you are. because sonner or later you will do it too. i had this game since 2003, and only a few months ago, is when i downloaded plops and landmarks, see old photos. i did not download them to cheat my way through a bigger city, because i had a city of nine million people well before, which by the way was solely based on strategy and planning; the reason i downloaded plops and landmarks was to make the city more interesting and to diversify the look and feel of it. so with that said, i take offense on how you phrased your quastion, just because you cant build a large city yourself, you shouldnt offend others, because others will respond in defense.
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