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Originally Posted by Authentic_City View Post
Personally, I think it would be a mistake to demolish the PSB to create a green space or plaza in this area. A large building being used by actual people would contribute more to the vitality of the area than yet another underutilized open space. The PSB fits nicely with the overall aesthetic of the city hall / civic centre, so why not keep it, if a public use can be found?
Originally Posted by esquire View Post
Agreed. We need to get over this obsession with adding more green spaces/public plazas. We have enough of those.

Within a few short steps of the PSB is Old Market Square, the Civic Centre plaza, the Steinkopf Gardens, the little plaza next to the Playhouse... am I missing any? How many plazas does this little corner of the Exchange District really need? It's not like we live in some oppressive urban jungle like Sao Paulo or Tokyo where we need to provide all these little places of respite to escape the endless concrete. Besides, you never see anyone using these squares for 2/3 of the year.
I absolutely agree with the green space, public plaza concept as a non-starter in this particular area contrary to the Urban Planners vision for the space. I feel it would actually be detrimental to the area.

Also not in favor of the renovation of this building. The parkade should come down tomorrow. Some may be in favor of preserving this structure for it's "architectural uniqueness", imho, I don't see it.
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