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The TD reclad in Halifax is supposed to start in the next couple of weeks. It's a major expansion of the building. The building's floor space will be approximately doubled.

Another big one in Halifax is the Fenwick tower expansion and recladding. This one is kind of sad because when it was almost approved the developer discovered that there was some kind of surveying problem and one of the viewplanes went through the space where the building was supposed to be built. Because of this the viewplane has to be amended for the development to move forward and the whole process has been delayed by months. That is all par for the course in Halifax. A lot of construction is happening there right now but it's mostly happening in spite of a very bureaucratic municipal government.


By redevelopments for this thread I guess you mean only cases where the structures themselves are being substantially reused. Developments where the old buildings are torn down or only the facades are used would not count.
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