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Originally Posted by Master Shake View Post
The whole architectural "contest" was sadly just a dog and pony show for Silverstein to build the exact design he proposed a week after 9/11.
That's easy to say, but the facts prove otherwise. For a long time it was not even certain Silverstein would remain in charge or build anything. Nothing being built now is as Silverstein proposed a week after 9/11. In fact, Silverstein didn't propose anything. There was talk of building a group of 50-story towers, but that was just theoretical talk of how to replace 2 110-story buildings.

Please check how the new skyscrapers that are being built and proposed in Chicago, Paris, London and Dubai and tell me with a straight face that the new WTC designs are anything but utterly banal. They would have been interesting in 1985 not 2007.
You have your opinion. Others have theirs. But either way, I'm neither concerned with, nor care about what designs are being proposed or built in Chicago or any of those other places. Let those cities have two 110-story towers destroyed in a terrorist attack, then get back to me about the fantastic designs. Like it or not, there are real issues with the WTC rebuilding, and I think we are lucky to be getting what we are under the circumstances.

I'll take my chances with this:

NEW YORK. World's capital.

“Office buildings are our factories – whether for tech, creative or traditional industries we must continue to grow our modern factories to create new jobs,” said United States Senator Chuck Schumer.

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