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Originally Posted by elly63 View Post
I don't think Moncton could regularly sell 10k. [I'm not even sure why they are building a new arena. The Coliseum is in a good location with plenty of parking but it is a 40 year old building. I think it's still in good shape but I haven't paid much attention to the story.
Selling out the Wildcats isn't the priority. The Coliseum is old, unattached to most transit options, and has a lowhanging roof that prevents a lot of concerts from performing in the Moncton area. The purpose of building a 10K arena is twofold:
1)You gain the larger stage shows...from top 40 artists to cirque du soleil. Bigger building allows for more acts and right now they cannot use the Coliseum in its current form.
2)10K gets you bigger international sporting events. When was the last time the Coliseum hosted a Brier? Any World Championship event? Tournament of Hearts? Skate Canada? Memorial Cup? (recently, but they won't again with their current building). These one-off events are boons for local economies in smaller cities like Moncton. The Coliseum won't be hosting any of these any time soon.

If your best argument for the Coliseum is good location (off a highway) and lots of parking then you're catering to people who live in the 'burbs who drive in and drive out. The advantages of having an arena in a Downtown location have been beaten to death and can be found ad nauseum in the Ottawa, Edmonton, and Moncton subforums and threads.

Originally Posted by elly63 View Post
The new arena is in a good location downtown but the traffic in the area will be insane.

More seats isn't necessarily better.
Again, traffic will be bad for people driving out to go to Dieppe/Riverview/outer Moncton suburbs. If you live Downtown/reasonably close to Downtown/don't mind bussing then it's in a great location.

They aren't necessarily better but 10K is an ideal size for a city the size of Moncton and with its current growth rate. You're looking at 140K in the metro with the surrounding areas adding up to anywhere up to 175K. They don't need to sell out Wildcats games. Of the dozens upon dozens upon dozens of CHL teams in great towns and cities across Canada only one team sells out each and every game and their arena seats only 4K.