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Was driving down the Sunset Strip to work today and noticed that the Hyatt is getting new cladding on the front, losing the balconies. It's now flat and glassy, very slick.

Also, the Luckman building at Carol Drive is being re-clad with new glass that is horizontally oriented as opposed to the vertical is had previously since the 70's. Much improved.

New little strip mall across from the Whisky is about halfway done, was a parking lot for about 20 years.

And what was an All American Burger, then Mexican food restaurant across from Rock n Roll Ralph's has been transformed into a nice 3-story mixed use development. Pinkberry has moved into the corner street level space.

And the whole block, diagonally across from the Virgin complex, where the Cocoanut Teaser stands, is totally fenced off. Have no idea what's happening there...

The Strip is finally lurching into the new millenia at last...
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