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Lakeshore East - Village Market

So I think it's something like 1 week to opening at the Village Market. Was curious if anyone has heard any recent leasing progress on the small spaces? I haven't heard about any new leases for several months - we have the supermarket, the steak joint, the nail salon, coffee shop, 2nd and 3rd restaurants (one of them the breakfast place and the other a brasserie).........has progress halted? Definitely seems like more than half of the spaces are still unspoken for (although of course by sq ftge, the leased percent is probably over 70%). I realize this is not an easy leasing market for developers, but I believe they should have been able to land some more tenants in the smaller spaces by now - this project has been in the works for a loooong time....

Still, it's an exciting time for LSE. The Village Market, the hotel in Aqua opens in 5 weeks, and imo what will be one of the best pieces of architecture in this part of the city will soon be rising in the skyline in the form of Coast.........

Is there still a school planned for LSE, or is that dead? Haven't heard a peep on that for at least a few years.....
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