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From several days ago, but I think this is really kind of huge, even though it's a small number of people. Chicago usually attracts HQs when they're industrial, foods, services, etc., but creative jobs tend to go to NYC or LA/SF. The Onion is a national leader in what it does, so I think it's a big statement that the creatives who think up their daily topical, edgy humor will thrive in moving to Chicago as well as they have in NYC (despite separating from the ballyhooed wackiness and other inspiration of Washington Park, Greenwich Village, and the rest of the city). I know Onion's HQ is already here and it was founded nearby, but just like with Playboy, their editorial/creative staff had gone to the coasts. I haven't read all the articles and don't know whether their video production is / will be in Chicago, but it would be great if it spurs more media to locate here. Not to extrapolate from one small event, but eventually down the line one also hopes that situations like Google, deciding how much of Motorola's creatives or programmers to let remain (or increase) in Chicago, end up with similar results.

Onion moves editorial staff to Chicago
By: Lynne Marek September 21, 2011

(Crain’s) - The Onion is planning to move its top editorial staff from New York to the paper’s corporate headquarters in Chicago. ...

The satirical paper and website, a unit of Onion Inc., employs about 20 editorial, web and sales personnel in a Manhattan office, which was opened in 2001. Onion CEO Steve Hannah declined to comment. ...
Anything that pisses off New Yorkers is fine in my book. Funny how many of them forget the Onion is originally from Ann Arbor anyway.

Its been cool seeing them get a little more connected to the city through AV Club and branching out with the music fest. I do feel for the writers, as any time you have to choose between home and a job, it sucks. But that paper feels like it could run itself.
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