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Originally Posted by Echoes View Post
^ I suspect work on the hotel and office tower will begin first while they market and pre-sell the condos.
This is exactly how all our condos ( high end or not ) in Winnipeg are sold, once they get to a point, here it is usually 50% sold they start construction, but by then if it is a large tower like yours it has gone through 10 different renderings. Our 25 Story Heritage Landing like yours, was to be 32 stories, then it got shortened to 20, and back to 25, now they are finally building it. But I would have like to have seen the 32 story version. Not like we do not have enough tall condos though from the 70/80's in that range.

I myself wonder what designers think when they build in our 3 prairie citys, as some of the junk is junk lol.
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