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Originally Posted by mistercorporate View Post
Spain has a similar population to Canada with a similar mix of large and small cities yet it has a very successful domestic league, arguably the richest and most entertaining one in the world. This league could evolve in many different ways, uniquely adapted to Canada's needs, give it a chance indeed.

The main purpose of this league in the short to medium term is to develop local talent, while building the requisite national professional soccer infrastructure and culture. Kids will finally be able to take soccer seriously as a career path within this country. One of the main problems our national team has experienced is that we produce talented players, they go overseas at a young age for pro soccer opportunities, then get dual citizenship and we lose them forever to foreign soccer programs as their domestic.

I for one look forward to watching and supporting some of the new small market teams that pop up and tickle my fancy while simultaneously watching my local MLS team for a slightly different experience.
I wish the CPL the best but I highly doubt kids will look at the league as a potential career path. If they want to become professionals they will look at the 3 MLS teams and their academies or Europe.

The academies of the 3 respective MLS teams (TOR, VAN, MTL) are doing a good job of developing players and we will see the fruits of that effort in a few years at the national team level.

What makes Montreal Impact teenager Ballou Jean-Yves Tabla so special

Emerging on the national stage in 2014 at the tender age of 15, when he was voted U-17 Canadian Player of the Year, by 2015 Tabla had already linked with big English clubs. ESPN FC reported last year that Tabla was being followed by Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea, among others.

Born on March 31, 1999, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Tabla arrived in Quebec as an eight-year-old. Before immigrating, he played in the streets of Abidjan. Of course, every kid there pretended to be one of the national team stars, members of a golden generation led by Didier Drogba.


Given the bright start to his MLS career, Tabla has a possible dilemma ahead of him on the international stage. If he receives interest from both Canada and Ivory Coast at the senior level, which country will he choose? He's shined on the youth stage for Canada but has the history and emotional ties to Ivory Coast, too, to say nothing of the cost-benefit analysis of which country could offer him the most opportunities and best chance at success on the world stage.

New Canadian national team head coach Octavio Zambrano is well aware of Tabla's situation, and wants to convince him as soon as possible to play for Canada.

Do you think a player of Tabla's talent would have preferred the CPL over offers in Europe? The only reason why there is a chance he might play for Canada (and not the Ivory Coast) is the Impact's academy and the ever growing lure of the MLS.
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