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Originally Posted by Busy Bee View Post
This whole conversation is finger in the dyke stuff. The country needs about a trillion dollars into rail and transit to turn around the nightmarish disaster that we've created for ourselves by building our civilization around the automobile for the last 80 years. The private sector isn't going to spend the funds neccessary to build true high speed connectivity, hence fun painted trains crossing hundreds of dangerous grade crossings at about 100mph. Do I need to remind anyone Japan is introducing a 250mph bullet train? The country is currently a joke when it comes to how behind we are and how much we have royally fucked up the way people in modern rich nations should be getting around. It's going to take a collossal amount of revolutionary investment along with shifting to green energy to dig us out of this reality. Remember that the next time the GOP and that dipshit disgrace of a human wants to give GE another several billion dollar tax cut.
That's true, but what are we supposed to do until that trillion dollars shows up?
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