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Originally Posted by SLCforme View Post
Did you guys see this?,1249,665193444,00.html

looks like it could help "put Provo on the map" so to speak. Having a belt loop could be good for Provo.

It looks like that road goes awfully close to Utah lake though. But I do think that a road that borders wetlands can act as a good barrier to future development. Like how legacy took out some wetlands but added a nature preverse to prevent all development west of the freeway (at the southern end of the corridor anyway). I think this could do the same; even if it took out some wetlands, if it preserved the majority I'd be for it.

This beltloop would bring on the development of this part of Provo. Hopefully they would leave as much wetlands as possible. I've always thought of this area as being kinda soggy ground anyway. Ok to build a road, but not great for houses.

Provo seems to be growing like Lehi and American Fork with a freeway down the middle. It does create a westside/eastside feel to the town. I know most people on the east side of Lehi feel they aren't really in Lehi or Highland.

Provo needs to include more plans for what is going to be developed in this area.
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