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Originally Posted by Wasatch_One View Post
This poor old church... I wish they could save it and make something out of it, possibly a meeting place for the Latin community or something.

However, its looking kind of expensive to do. This would be a big historical loss for the city if it is torn down.

If it is, they better put a good sized (mid-rise) project in its place as this is near the western gateway to the city (around 1st North and State St [aka 5th west])

Reprieve for church?

Group may get a new chance to save building

Landmark Partners is negotiating with other potential buyers, but Ford said none of the offers it has are acceptable so far.
The asbestos presents a problem for the foundation, which would have to raise significant money beyond the purchase price to deal with the asbestos and to bring the building up to new earthquake codes. Estimates are that renovating the building would cost well beyond $1 million.


Even the Catholic church doesn't want this building and it's their history that would be preserved. It is a sweet building, but with all the work, etc. that would need to be done I think it is time to move on.

The foundation has been given ample time to figure things out and keep this building. It reminds me of the BY Academy building. It was almost torn down, but enough money was raised to keep it. Let people vote with their pocket book whether it's worth keeping.

Not to flip-flop, but Provo does seem to be loosing more of its history every year, and this is one more piece to go. I don't know that you can make these kinds of decisions without someone being upset.
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