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I think people are reading more into this than is there.

Council had no trouble approving this development over the last few years. Yes, it has been subject to more stringent regulations than many previous developments. It is above the 190m contour so it is a different beast, rules have changed, and current/future councils can't be bound by the way previous councils operated. If the claim is staff are holding this up I am not what the motive is. What interest would any staff have in preventing development of the west end? Could it be that this is just overloading the approvals process? Maybe there are delays, but I really doubt they are nefarious.

I would also caution anyone from believe too much of what comes up in the media. Danny is an expert manipulator. Why else would media show up to a routine scheduling hearing for an impromptu press conference on the courthouse steps? The City is restricted from commenting, but they are free to spread any half-truths they please. Wanting decisions to go to council seems reasonable except when you realize that political processes are easier to manipulate than bureaucratic ones. Council really should not be involved at the level of individual permits, etc. To demand it for this development would set another strange precedent.

Basically it is probably not all one way or the other and hopefully it shakes out at court without major cost to the rest of us.
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