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An article from today's Business Journal describes the ongoing discussion for relocating Potowatomi Bingo Casino to Downtown from its current location in the Menomonee Valley. The study identifies four possible sites for relocating the casino (in the Park East corridor; a site at N. 6th and W. State Streets; a site west of the Amtrak Station; and a site east of the Summerfest Grounds).

Potowatomi has put a lot of investment in the current facilities in the Valley, and has plans on the table for another expansion there in the future (depending on the outcome of the state gaming compacts legal tangle). Further relocation hurdles concerning tribal lands could arise from the Federal government, as well.

Here's the artcile: Study seeks to woo casino downtown - Private effort launched to convince tribe that moving is feasible (be sure to scroll down to the bottom--it's a three-pager)

I would rather see the casino stay put, and use those suggested Donwtown sites for other projects. Especialy sine the Potowatomi have invested so much into their facitlities already, and have more in store. Two of the four suggested sites--near the Amtrak Station and Summerfest--are relatively isolated. The site near Summerfest is also being eyed for a much-needed Downtown grocery store.

Another artcile from today's Business Journal describes developments heating up on the East Side. Numerous developers have shown interest in several properties in the area of N. Prospect/N. Farwell and E. North Avenues.

The major project slated to begin next year is the new Coulumbia-St. Mary's Hospital campus, which will include new hospital and mixed-use facilities along North Avenue.

Another developer is working with UWM to convert the Kenilworth Building on N. Farwell Avenue (a former warehouse owen by UWM, used now for arts studios/galleries, maintenance shop, storage space, and other miscellaneous uses) into a mixed-use retail/student housing/office building.

Meanwhile, other developers have undisclosed plans for some underutilized properties (gas station, office building, surface parking lots) on a couple other blocks in the area.

Also, New Land Enterprises has been marketing an 11-story retail/condo building at N. Farwell and E. Royall Place, to be called The Sterling.

Read the article for specifics: Boom looms on east side - Hospital, UWM projects excite developers (a two-pager)
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