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Best Architecture Book

I am wanting to know tons about tons of American architecture. Are there any books that go into great detail the architectural styles found in America/Europe throughout history? I am always driving around and come across lots of architectural styles that I dont know much about. Victorian has about a million different sub sects, etc, etc, etc. Is there a book that is kind of like an in depth field guide to architecture from Americas beginnings to the current day; and that even goes into architecture found in different regions of America, like Acadian architecture from the 18-early 19th centuries in Louisiana and Mormon architecture of Utah, etc.

Ok, for example

I would love to know the intricate details of the architecture of this house found in Galveston. I know what style it is, but I want to know more in depth stuff about it, like where it originated, what dates were this style built in, etc.

photos by me

And maybe the detailings of these structures, like what style they are and such.

photo by me
And Id love to see a book go into details about common houses like this that were built in the early 1900s to late 1800s.

Basically Im looking for something that goes into great detail about every architectural style that is fairly common in America or uncommon.

Thanks so much in advance for your guys help.
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