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Originally Posted by ithakas View Post
Very interesting news. A few years ago I would have salivated at the prospect of Chicago getting a BIG building, but now I'm cautiously optimistic about him handling this site – his work seems to be best suited for mid-rise/institutional uses, at least after the disappointing WTC2 design.
Originally Posted by Jibba View Post
Hmmm... would rather have Smith & Gil, Herzog, or Richard Rogers than the contrivance I'm afraid BIG will propose, but I'll wait and see, obviously.

I still haven't fully mourned the loss of the Spire. Sigh...
Yeah, I kinda agree with you guys. I think Richard Rogers would be well-suited for Chicago; there's a muscular expressiveness in his work. I like Renzo Piano's forays into skyscraper design, too. The NYT building is way underrated. I wouldn't trust Smith and Gill not to do something safe/staid, and color me unimpressed by the execution of HdeM's Jenga tower. BIG would have a few tall buildings under their belt by the time this thing'd break ground, so maybe that would help.

Also very much agreed about the loss of the Spire. It was perfect for this site.
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