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Frontier is expanding in Memphis.

They are adding San Antonio come OCT

Frontier's parent company has hundreds of Airbus A320s on order but they aren't due to start arriving till two years from now. They are, however, taking a page from Southwest and starting to connect the dots. I wonder if this SAY add continues from Memphis to Philly to augment the loads. They put Tulsa in between DEN and SAT to give them another connection from DEN to SAT with a no plane change stop. They are blocking an 1hr between landing and taking off at the intermediary airport. A bit slower than Southwes but a no plane change non the less.

If this is successful Mem could see quite a few adds from Frontier as the augment load factors this way. Seems they are shooting for 80 to 100 dollars each way for nonstops and 130 to 180 each way for connections
They are growing CVG and RDU. I could see a SAT-MEM-RDU-BOS route staying relatively full between the legs.
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