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The big issue with this case is that Boushie's family went into the trial looking for nothing other than justice, which in their minds meant Stanley had to found guilty of something - or justice wouldn't be served.

While this is understandable, it is certainly the wrong tact to be taking, especially for anyone outside of the people/families with direct involvement.

The purpose of the trial was to go through the evidence, not to confirm someone's preconceived opinions. To me, this is a failure of leadership, especially with respect to the all the various First Nations organizations and groups that have been vocal throughout this process, and now after we all have a better idea as to what lead to the entire altercation.

Honestly, I think the Crown became a little caught up within this outside pressure, as to me, following this trial - second degree murder was not even a remotely provable charge in this case. I think manslaughter should have been the ultimate verdict, but the Crown kept hammering away at the second degree charge. It became pretty obvious based on the testimony of the witnesses, that this was not going to hold up.

I think personally, if they had gone for a manslaughter charge, it is possible that would have been the verdict.
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